‘I suffered from low self-esteem, but after working with you (Adeboun). I was reminded of the great value placed on my life. I got my confidence back. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you. I find Adeboun to be professional, approachable, great communication skills and patient’. N. Uwea


I started the coaching sessions to try to work out the reasons why I don’t feel confident. I was not expecting for it to be so challenging or realise just how much I did not know about myself. The sessions have been very helpful – so much so I have shared my experience with others and provided my coach’s contact details.  Adeboun clearly listens (as opposed to just hearing). She helped me face some truths I was not aware of and helped me dispel some assumptions’. T. Lewin.


Adeboun is a great listener and has mastered her craft so much so she took me you on a journey to truly revealing who I am to me. I am now much more confident, because I understand myself better. I have become to more self-aware and in tune with myself, I feel like a different person. It’s like a I flipped a switch.
Adeboun is very supportive and intuitive.There are days when I’m out of sorts and the last thing I wanna do is coaching because I had so much mental fog. On one particular instance, she gently guided me through to the root cause, whist I thought it was just lack of sleep! That was a factor, but the river ran deeper. All this without being pushy, I never got that from her. I was able to get an action plan out of that session and was in a better state than I was before! Then she sent me off the call to go sleep first, before taking action on the other steps! ?

Adeboun is dependable with her schedules and sessions! She never forgets details! This is not a coach that messes you about, changing your session. She’s organised and she respects your time. Each session for me has been valuable. I have always gotten what I came for: clarity, support, action steps, follow up and more support! I’m glad I started my journey. Maryann.


Adeboun is an amazing coach. She has a lot of experience in her field. She understand the person she’s coaching and she know exactly how to assist her clients. I would definitely recommend her to others who are finding it hard to find the ‘right’ coach. Lamya. O.


I was procrastinating about moving forward to achieve my goal to change career. Working with you helped me see that it is only me holding myself  back and I have the ability to achieve my goal. You helped me focus on hat are the current short term goals and see how they fit with the longer-term goal. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to stop procrastinating. Brian. S.


I found you very detailed and thorough. Sincere & Open. Highly knowledgeable and informed. I have clear ideas and steps I need to take to succeed in my business, and I also got a clearer understanding and perspective of my goals for myself, career and business. I was also able to see that my aspirations could be achieved and become reality and not mere wishes. Tomilayo. P.


Working with Adeboun has been a partnership, a path into a better understanding of the issues and obstacles I face, leading to clearer thinking, leading to a realistic evaluation of possibilities, and a plan of action. I have taken several steps towards this and undertaken research. Moreover, although unexpected difficulties that have since emerged could impact on the plan, it is still possible for me to apply the clarity I gained through working with Adeboun to continue to more effectively address my rather complex situation. I am extremely grateful for her work and the clarity I have come to access through working with her. I am happy to recommend her. Marie.S.


I use to feel anxious and quite overwhelmed by my workload, which in turn used make me very unproductive. I knew that I had alot to do but would sit doing nothing day after day.  After working with Adeboun I’m now able to channel my thoughts, I now plan my time, I’m now able to break my workload down and manage it effectively. I no longer feel anxious; I do sometimes feel overwhelmed but now thanks to Adeboun I have the tools to push through. Thank you so much it was great working with you and I will definitely recommend you to others. Franklin.


It was an enriching experience to work with you, Adeboun. You have a lovely, calming presence, and you create a safe space to explore sensitive topics. You asked pertinent questions, listened deeply and made salient observations – all of which clarified my thinking and deepened my awareness of what was going on for me. You helped me to identify clear actions to move me forward and I was grateful for the support and encouragement you offered as I tackled a challenging situation. Achieving my goal boosted my self-confidence and I feel more capable of success in such situations in the future. Thank you!     Caroline H.


After I have left the corporate carrier in order to set up my own business, I was looking for a coach to help me on this journey. At that time I felt overwhelmed and incongruent with myself. Many other unexpected themes have risen up during the sessions and we have thoroughly worked through them too. After working with you I feel more confident, whole and at peace with myself. I deeply appreciate the energy and effort you’ve put into our work. I would recommend Adeboun as a coach to anyone who is prepared to do some hard inner work because you will get great results and I can’t think of a better guide and companion.   Katya K.


I thought I knew my core values, however, once Adeboun helped me discover my true values, I was able to realise what I was missing in my life. Not only has this helped me identify what I need in a job, Adeboun helped me develop my confidence to secure a job which aligns with these values. Thank you Adeboun! Jules Y