Being a woman in a Senior position can be hard work a times. Everyone seems to want a bit of you. You have an image/persona you put on. Don’t get me wrong, you have really worked hard to get where you are. You probably have sacrificed a lot and consequently you have so to say earned the right to be where you are. You are a respected individual in your sector/world.

Despite all these accomplishments sometimes it all just gets too much to maintain, but you cannot afford to drop the ball. There is a lot at stake, you feel the company relies on you, your team depends on you, your friends need your dependable- self.

But there is just one YOU.

Just in case you are also a mom and or wife, then the dynamics of your life gets slightly ever so complicated. The guilt of not doing enough or not being the mom you imagined yourself to be, is silently clawing at you deep inside and it seems there is nothing you can do about it.

Despite all these mixed emotions or thoughts, from the outside it’s all good, everything is fine. You have a beautiful career, family, social life, but who are you really without all these labels and roles.

Sometimes you wonder if there is more to life than all these, the successful career, family, social life. You just slightly wonder is these all? Or is there more to life. Secretly you wonder but just fob it off.

On another spectrum you might feel like a hamster trapped in the wheel of life, the so called successful life. No real destination. Just plodding along on the wheel.

What if it is possible to stop feeling this way?

What if it was possible for you to design the wheel, your life.

What if you could determine the speed, either slow or fast.

What if the wheel had other spokes? No limitations to how you design the wheel, because it is yours.

Hmm, I guess the big question is How? I’ll tell you how

  • Find out how the wheel looks right now.
  • Imagine and design how you want the wheel to look, speed, trimmings, everything
  • Now, ask yourself these questions, Why this design?
  • What could possibly hold you back? And how to deal with it (Risk Management, I call it)
  • Get support x100!
  • Then off you go to building the wheel. Deconstructing the existing wheel bit by bit and remodelling it to the new one.

After all it is your wheel,your life!

Just imagine living a life you love on your terms, successful career, respected in your sector, truly happy-balanced home-life. Knowing who you really are. Knowing what makes you tick. You don’t have to settle for a half-life, wondering constantly if there’s more to life or just tired of it all.

For once say Yes to yourself and really mean it. No more pretending or thinking another diet might or will fix it, gym membership or more holidays, or whatever substitute you think will sort it out, because It can’t, and it won’t. Why? Because, you are not living a live congruent with the real you.

Give yourself the permission to be. Just be you. Be comfortable being you and grounded. Be able to say No with absolutely no regrets. I can assure you, your career, home-life, relationships, finances will all thank you for it, because it will all improve. All areas of your life will truly experience you.

So, get some help to begin this journey. The journey is much easier and less onerous with help. Find someone that has been through this, get a coach, get help. You don’t want to leave it too late. Trust me, I’ve been there.

I guess it’s hard accepting that, you this strong, confident, bold, successful professional woman might be struggling. I guess when it’s not something tangible and it’s just your inner knowing sensing something is missing. Makes it harder to acknowledge.

With a busy life, it’s not easy to admit to yourself that you don’t have the time or really know yourself anymore.

Has this ever happened to you, you looked in the mirror and secretly or slightly felt, who is this stranger? But you just fob it off as nonsense and you get back to work, to life.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with your life, you don’t have a massive identity issue or mental breakdown (at least not yet?).  Something is just missing or off. That’s why it’s hard to accept, that you need to stop and do a self-awareness or self-sense check. Life can just be better, you could be living a life you love, are excited and passionate about.

Whatever you do after reading this blog/post/article whatever it’s called it’s totally up to you. But please just spend a few minutes to ask yourself is everything ok.

Who am I?

Thank you for reading and all the best.