Surely there is more to life than this?

So, 3-4 weeks ago I walked out of work and decided I’m quitting my job. Told my boss I had a family emergency and left. On my way home, I called my (then ??) husband immediately and told him my decision. He just said ok not a surprising reaction anyway (story for another day).

Got myself an indulgent meal – Oreos milk shake with Periperi chips and whole chicken. Got home, stuffed myself. Sent a text asking Queenb to pick up princess from after school club on her way back.

When they all got back, (Queenb, BB and princess) I told them my decision. They were a bit scared of my decisions, slightly apprehensive of the future (i.e. e possibility of being homeless because of my decision)

I assured them God was/ is in control and I have the conviction that he’s leading this decision.

So, on Tuesday 30/10/18 I called my agent to inform him of my decision and officially notified the company. I gave them 2 weeks’ notice.

With no fallback job or any massive saving stashed anywhere. All this is hinging on God and believing he’s told me to leave and I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m meant to do afterwards.

So, I’ve decided to keep a journal of the journey while it is happening, and the activities are fresh in mind.

I’m going to enjoy coming back to read this journal when I get to the destination. I can just feel it.

Ps: I’m still trying to figure out what my passion in life is. Any clues on how to go about it?


As always, thanks for reading.


1st published on 08/11/18 in journeyingfindingme.wordpress.com