?Using Stormz’s lyrics I’m blinded by your grace.

I’m eternally grateful and thankful to God. Last few days have been rough. Down with 2nd bout of flu.

QueenB has so helpful, so as Bb and the princess.

I had a chat with QueenB about how her actions made me feel, soon after my last bout of flu. I told her how it upset me and made me think she didn’t care. She acknowledged my feelings and said she thinks when I’m ill or Bb is ill. It’s so much drama. It’s like you are about to die. To which I said YES!!! that’s how I feel. Duh!

Being a parent is hard work anyways not to talk of being a married single parent. There’s really no break time, no stopping. It’s all go, go, go. So, when there’s any opportunity for the body to shut down, be it for cold, cough or flu. It’s always seems like an all systems shut down.

So, I am thankful for QueenB et.al for all their help and love and stepping up. For acknowledging my concerns and helping without me having to say anything.

Love you loads QueenB and Bb, you too princess.



1st published on 25/10/18 in journeyingfindingme.wordpress.com