Woke up still feeling sore and tired. ?You would have thought I auditioned for a boxing match. (doubt that even happens).

Managed to get the little princess ready for school. Bless her heart she did help to get herself ready. I still managed to drive at snail pace, gave a stranger lift to catch the bus. (story for another day).

QueenB as usual was all about herself, would only help if she feels you are dying. I think that’s selfish, one shouldn’t help only when it suits you or if you think the person deserves it. Rather in my opinion, is that you look at the person, their need, then try to figure out how you can help without bringing harm to you and or your family. But the need and needy first ?? ? 

Don’t get me wrong QueenB is very reliable, trustworthy and helpful. When I’m around she feels I don’t need help, it’s my job to take of them all. Once I step out of the house she’s in charge and everything you can think of is sorted. Immediately I set my foot in that house, she’s goes back into her all-about-me mode. Woe be tide me if I’m ill, she’s not batting an eye. She’ll say things like “how come when have a little cold you just collapse. I get cold but not like yours”. My response I work hard so whenever my body allows any virus in -All systems shut down. My body uses it as an excuse to rest and every hidden aches and pains come out to have fun become my immune system is down.

Bb (beauty and the brain) on the other is more caring. Anytime I’m ill she’s always there to help. She’ll offer to make tea, cook, help with princess’ Homework. She’s my little helper at home. When I’m fine she’s my grumpy helper but when I’m ill she’s such a darling.

As you might have noticed the above is a snippet of me living my happy married single parent life. (MSP)

Need to get back to work tomorrow.

1st published on 19/10/18 in journeyingfindingme.wordpress.com