What does it mean? Why the label? Who is a married parent?

Okay. Let’s start from the beginning a very good place to start. (sound of music ? ?)
As the name implies, someone who is still married (not separated or going through divorce) but lives as single parent. Raising the kids mostly all alone.
School run
Sickness and in health
Siblings fights et.al
Spiritual growth
Everything involving raising the kids and sometimes the marriage itself is done by the individual.
Sometimes you find yourself in the situation by choice where both parties agree to the decision I.e work commitments. Sometimes it’s kinda thrust upon you, you really didn’t have say e.g due to sickness, incarceration, your spouse/ partner is AWOL, or you are both still living together but it’s as good one party is not there. Many other reasons why people are in this situation/ living arrangement.

So Why the label- it’s not a label as such, it just mouthy description of one’s current living arrangement.
It is what its. Embrace your situation and make the best of it. It can be hard at times but it’s a wonderful experience that develops you and makes you grow.

As Kelly Clarkson sang what’s doesn’t kill makes you stronger.

Once you get over the anger, bitterness, un-forgiveness or sometimes jealousy of your spouses perceived freedom and in worse cases resentment. Or just being over overwhelmed, tired, feeling cheated by life and sometimes feeling lonely. Only then are you ready to make the best of the situation/state despite all odds.
Depending on the circumstances of how’ve come to be an MSP, you might experience some of these emotions or all. It’s a personal journey.

To make the best of things, one will have to acknowledge the existence of the emotions and confront them. Ask for the grace of God and help of the HolySpirit to purge you of the emotions. Also, to trust God, release the emotions and not hold on to them.

It’s a process not just a one-time action. You daily ask for the help of the Holy Spirit. Anytime any of the emotions rears its ugly head you bring to the cross lay it down.

Some days are easier than the other. Sometimes you really struggle. But never forget, God’s got your back. He didn’t bring you this far to abandon you.

As I always say it’s my view on the subject, you don’t have to agree. Take out of it what works best for you and discard the rest. I do appreciate you taking time to read the whole blog.

If it resonates with you, whichever stage you are at, I pray God heals you completely and see you through the journey.


1st published on 19/10/18 in journeyingfindingme.wordpress.com