You taste with your tongue
You see with your eyes
You smell with your nose
You hear with your ears
You sense touch with your skin
What organ do you use to feel emotion?

You feel emotions with/in your mind.
Emotion are intangible and sensors that tell us to dig deeper to find out their origin.
However, If you can change your mind on any other thing in life. You can certainly change your emotions/ emotional state, simply by just by altering thoughts in your mind.
With practice it become easier and becomes natural to alter your state of mind.

But first, we need to be aware of the emotion and the fact that it can be changed.

For example as I am typing this blog I hear a loud bang and I’m scared wondering what’s was that. As I peered through the window low and be hold I saw a……………….
Can you notice as you were reading your were curious, or slightly tense trying to guess what I saw, by now you realise, there was nothing.

Did you notice your state of mind changed almost immediately because your thoughts and expectations changed. We do this unconsciously, daily in life but the bigger task, is to now practice altering our state of mind (i.e. emotions) consciously.

Think of a favourite memory and you can almost feel yourself smile. Try a not so happy one and you immediately start getting angry. All this triggered by your thoughts.

You have the power to control, change, alter your emotion and not the other way round.

Consciously practice changing your emotional state and you’ll notice a change in yourself.

What do you think?

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