Give thanks in all things. Your praise oh lord will forever will be on my lips.

Thanksgiving is about the impact of the gift on the receiver. While Praise is about the qualities of the giver, the attributes to give and the gift itself.

They go hand in hand. When giving thanks to God one must always acknowledge his attribute that provided the gift.

 I am thankful for the gift of life and praise you God, for you are the God of all creation, the creator of all things seen and unseen.

I am thankful for the challenges in life for they bring with hidden opportunities and I praise God for his strength that upholds and sees me through, making sure I overcome them.

I am thankful for safety and praise God for his protection. For he is my shield, buckler and under his wings do I trust.

I am thankful for peace of mind and praise God for restoring soul.

I am thankful for a sound mind and praise God the gift of wisdom and understanding.

I am thankful for open and obvious opportunities and praise God for his favour and grace that creates the opportunity.

I am thankful for food, shelter and good health. I praise God for his provision because he is my shepherd, my source, my provider.

I praise God for his compassion and I am thankful for his comfort during difficult times.

I praise God for his love and I am thankful my salvation.

I pray for provision for the needy, that God touches the heart of the rich to give and praise God for his ability to provide.

I pray for healing for the sick and praise God for his ability to heal.

I am thankful for God for being God and praise him for just being himself.

Thank you@ Oleksandr Pidvalnyi for the  featured image.