What do you value most in life? 

How do you measure the value of a thing or a person? 

What is truly priceless? 

The answers to these questions are subjective and depending on who’s answering.  We all view life through our personal filters. Which have developed over time by our experiences, family, society, religion, relationship, heart breaks, joys, celebration, you name it. So, our answers will all be different. 

But what if I ask you, what are you worth? How would answer the question? That is really personal and we seldom think about it. 
How will you answer? Will you answer looking at life through the filters of your work? Relationships? Social status? beliefs? Finances? People’s view of you? 
Or will you dig deep to understand the real you, looking at your core values and then answer. 
To find out let’s try a little exercise, to identify our default filters or convenient filters. Without thinking tell me 3 great things about yourself. Whatever comes to mind first. 
What are they? 

Now take a few minutes to think about the question again and then answer. Compare the 2 results and identity which filter you have used. 

Again, there is no right or wrong answer, its just being self- aware. If you don’t like the answers or you draw blank, or feel unsettled with your default answer. Then go on self- discovery journey to rediscover yourself again. I know it sound vague or cliché’ but get to know yourself, love yourself, change things you don’t like. Date yourself, have fun with yourself. 

Find the real you and I bet you will discover the best version of you. 
All the best.