I once a heard story about a man and Raven. The story goes thus, the man was a prophet in a land, where king led the people to do evil things. So, the prophet declared that there was not going to be any rain or dew for years. As a result, the drought caused famine in the land, which also affected the prophet.

To survive, the prophet had to leave the land as commanded by God; to hide by the brook away from the land. He was fed by a Raven, that brought him bread and meat twice a day and he had water from the brook to keep him alive.

Now let’s examine the prophets’ mindset and how they affected the decisions he made for his survival.

The Raven bird has a bad reputation and popularly associated with dead flesh and a bit ugly not as attractive as a parrot. Few more characteristics/features include:

  • Very intelligent
  • Loves its freedom but adaptable
  • Has sharp claws and beak.
  • Require mental stimulation.
  • Can be very messy.

The prophet had a minimum of three mindset (mindset is -A person’s way of thinking and their opinions -Cambridge Dictionary) to view the situation or possible more, but let’s review these three. They are as follow:

  • Accept the situation, allow the Raven drop off his meals daily and he survives as well as the Raven.
  • Be scared, fight the situation and attack or kill the Raven. So, both him and the Raven dies. Or he just dies of hunger and Raven just doesn’t come back to bring any more food.
  • Have a pity party and look for company, where he turns the Raven into pet, cuddles it. As a result the Raven adapts to the situation, welcomes the attention and stops going to get food for both of them and they both die.

In life we sometimes, face situations that seem like a drought and a Raven shows up to help in most unlikely form. Or the situation becomes our Raven, what do we do?

An example of someone being Raven could be a homeless person warning you of a dangerous alley. The Raven most often than not come in form of something, someone we don’t look up too or least expect help from. i.e. your ex-husband, your nosey neighbour, cheating partner, overdue bill e.t.c.

An overdue bill or loss of relationship might be your Raven for emotional or financial survival. It all depends on how you view the situation and what you decide to do. Accept it, fight it, or have a pity party.

But for you to even be able to make a choice/have mindset to view the situation, you need to be self-aware. Be able to take a step away from the situation, know yourself (i.e. strengths, weakness, tendencies and temperament) and see the situation for what it is.

So, my question to you today, are you self-aware, do you know yourself. What makes you tick? What is your greatest fear? What brings a smile to your face? What makes you- YOU?

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Photo by Martin Loze from Pexel