Though the waves of life threatens and roars, yet will I trust you

Though my thoughts rage in my head saying it’s all over, yet will I trust you  

Though the pain in my body is unbearable and my heat hurts like hell, yet will I trust you 

Though it seems I’m all alone in this life, yet will I trust you  

Your words never fail  

Your love never ends nor abandons me   

Your goodness and mercies never departs from me  

So why my soul Are you so weary?

Do you not know that God is all seeing, all knowing, ever present?  

How dare you doubt his promises!  

His promises are of love 

His promises are of good tidings  

His promises are to bring hope and expected end.  

Rejoice oh my soul  

Bask in his eternal love 

For you are loved  

Crafted with excellent precision  

No matter how you feel  

You are a product of his labour of love 

Even before you were born, he knew you 

You are the master piece of God’s creation  

So, when life throws its fiery darts  

When I’m tired and sick of it all 

When I feel it’s all over  

When my heart fails and it’s broken 

When bills have to paid but no obvious means  

When my health fails 

When expectations become disappointments  

When it’s seems like it’s the end of the road

Yet will I trust you Oh GOD!!