There is a verse in one of my favourite books “which says your gift will make room for you and lead you before great men?

Do you often feel that there is more to you than what you are actually doing, whether it be at work, home or life in general?

Like me did it take you time to identify what your gift actually is?

Well let me help you.

 Your gift is deep within your soul, under layers of negativity which has taken its toll.

Your gift flows, naturally through you like the Nile

Your gift makes you content and makes you smile

Your gift when produced makes people feel as proud as you do

Your gift when shared helps people through

Your gift can draw you out of the Lions den

Your gift will lead you before great men

Your gift will change how you’re addressed

Your gift will symbolize how you are blessed.

Your gift is already in operation have you been able to identify it yet?

Millie Hyde ©2019

Written for Journeyintofindingme.co.uk.

Poem – Exert from “why was I born” written by Millie Hyde

For permission to use/ publish any part, contact Millie via Instagram@: millie_hydex