Unforgiveness is a sickness, a scourge rooted in anger. It makes you relive the pain caused by the offence. It takes you right back to the instance the offence occurred and keeps you captive.

Unconsciously we dwell on the offence and we become trapped in the vicious cycle. I have a few practical suggestions of dealing with the offence and how to go about forgiveness. These have worked for me and are still working.

  1. Be aware and acknowledge the emotions you feel towards the person or situation.
  2. Pray for healing (from pain the offence has caused).
  3. Pray for help to release the offence to Christ.
  4. Decide to forgive the offender.
  5. Pray for grace to forgive.
  6. Daily, say a prayer for the offender and yourself

Try to describe the feeling you experience when you remember the offence. i.e. anger, self pity, being cheated, undervalued, blaming your self for the offence.  I recommend writing it down.

Acknowledge the feelings you have written, then, put them into words. Say it aloud and release them to God in prayer.

An Example of the prayer (please tailor to suit the circumstances). 

I release myself from anger (list any other emotions) anytime I think/ remember (state the offence).

I release all the emotions and give them to Christ. I lay it down at the cross.

I ask, oh Lord, for healing, as you take away the (pain, anger- name the emotions), please replace with them your peace and love, in Jesus’ name.

I have decided to forgive (silly goose- insert name) just as you have forgiven me my sin.

I release (silly goose- insert name) from all expectations of apologies or remorse.

I ask of you, oh merciful God, for the grace and strength to wholeheartedly release him/her and completely forgive (silly goose- insert name) as you have forgiven me, in Jesus’ name.

I ask, oh Lord, that you remove from my heart any animosity, bitterness, resentment, anger I feel towards (silly goose- insert name or situation), in Jesus’ name.

Help me, oh Lord, to forgive; teach me Lord how to forgive completely and work in forgiveness, in Jesus’ name.

I ask, oh Lord, that you bless (silly goose- insert name) with all manners of blessings and touch his/her heart so that they know you and accept you as their personal Lord and saviour.

If they are self-declared Christian then you could say: I pray that their relationship with you God is strengthened, in Jesus’ name.

I thank you Lord for your grace, mercy, love, and that I have my being you.

Thank you, Lord.

All this I ask in Jesus’ precious name. AMEN

Pray this daily and before you know it when you are reminded of the offence, you don’t feel the negative emotions anymore. You are free and have released and forgiven the person/ situation.

Praise God!??????????

Thank you for reading and I hope it blesses you.


Disclaimer: these are my views and the prayer has been formed in combination with what God speaks to my heart and exposure to materials from other children of God. 

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1st published on 16/11/18 in journeyingfindingme.wordpress.com


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