The Christmas holiday is the designated season to celebrate the birth of Christ. It may not be his actual birthday, but the essence of the day/ period is still valid. Without Christ the whole human race would be lost and never to be united with God.

Therefore, we need to be grateful for the birth of Christ Jesus but most importantly, his death and resurrection.

Gratitude propels one out of the pits of despair and confirms there is hope for another day.

In this season, I am grateful for health and pray for healing for the sick.

I am grateful for shelter and protection. I pray for the homeless in this season and I ask God to open my eyes to see the opportunities around me to help the homeless.

I am grateful for family and pray for those lonely in this season for comfort. I ask God to open my eyes to show me how I can reach out to others in the season and to reassure them God still cares and loves them despite how they might feel right now.

I ask God to remind them it’s just a phase and that this too will soon pass. Mourning and despair might last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Therefore, my lonely friend out there, just know I love you but mosti mportantly God loves you.

I am grateful for provision of materials things and pray God meets the needs of the needy and opens my eyes to how I might freely and ungrudgingly give to others.

I am grateful for food and its abundance and pray for others lacking food. That God provides for their needs as he feeds cattle on the mountain. Also, I pray for Him to open my eyes to see opportunities around me to help, give or signpost others to receive help.

I am grateful for clothing that my nakedness is not exposed, and I pray for others in need that God clothes them, like he does the lilies inthe valley. Also, I pray for God to help me in my giving and hoard for fear oflack. That I give away clothes sitting in my cupboard not worn in years; for theybelong to someone else, but I am kept it away from them because I haven’t given.

I am eternally grateful for my salvation and pray for the Gospel of Christ to reach others. And for God to open my eyes to see how I can join in spreading the good news of salvation.

I am grateful for you reading this blog, your eyes, access to internet and the gadget used, because you are blessed and still have more than someone else.

I am grateful for you reading as it blesses me to know someone reads the blog and I pray God, continue to keep and bless you now and all the days of your life.

As we look forward to the next year, we can be assured that God will continue to guide us and keep us had he has done in 2018.

 Till the next blog, takecare of yourself, remember God loves you and stay blessed.

image from Carl Attard- thank you.