In the journey into finding oneself, I believe a soul-searching exercise is required or self-audit, as I like to describe it. This is a simple exercise of asking yourself obvious question that you might have not taken seriously in the past.

While completing the exercise you might discover you don’t really know yourself as well as you thought you did. You might also find that you can’t answer some simple questions about yourself i.e. what do you really like doing, that you could do all day, even if you were not paid for it.

A lot of people when asked, who are you? Will answer you in relation to a function/ role they perform or relationship, i.e. I am xxxx’s mum, I am xxx’s father, I am doctor, I am Mrs xxx, I am xxx’s wife, I am xxx’s sister, the list is endless.

We tend to get lost in all the activities of life and lose our identity or instead we let our outside world determine our identity. We must always remember, we are all ‘’fearfully and wonderfully created by God’’. Man was the only thing God carefully moulded with his hands. When he finished, he lovingly breathed into him and gave him apart of himself. Nothing else has the breath of God in it, except man. You are the master piece of his creation, bask in his love. 

He really loves us and has a purpose for each one of use. To truly find yourself, you need to find God. Only then, can the self-discovery tools be useful because he will guide you in answering the questions.

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