I am spirit being with a soul, living in a body.

My understanding of salvation reads thus: the breath that God breathe in to Adam gave him life. That was the introduction of the spirit man in to the body, its temporary home. As we all know God is everlasting, therefore his breath, the spirit of man can not die, it will change host as required i.e. the body, vessel, container, whatever we decide to call it, dies. The Spirit man continues to live on- where is our choice.

So, Sir Adam eats the forbidden fruit in the garden courtesy Lady Eve and chaos ensues. We lose our identity in God, the connection and the ability to commune with God was temporarily interrupted or terminally severed. The connection can only be reinstated through the death and resurrection of Christ, if we choose to accept him as Lord and saviour.

Once one accepts Christ, the connection is re-established but the ability to hear still needs to develop. It’s like a radio that requires tuning to pick the signals of a station. Life is full of so many forms of noise and so many things competing for our attention, making it difficult, hard to be still and hear God. Me the spirit man must, needs to hear the voice of God via the holy spirit.

The breath of God is awakened in our life when we are filled with Holy Spirit. We accept Christ as Lord (i.e. his death and resurrection connect us back to God- also known as being born again) we ask for the in-filing the holy Spirit (our 2-way transmitter and receiver to God). We become filled with the Holy Spirit and the journey of renewing our mind begins. The Holy Spirit starts to work in us bit by bit and we grow more in the knowledge of God.

As our physical body grows, we need the spirit man, the real me to grow. Decisions need to be taken by the spirit man. Before the re-connection with God, decisions were made or influenced by the soul, mind, emotions, intellect, the spirit man was just dormant. But once the spirit man has been reborn, order must be reinstated, and decisions need to emanate from the spirit man. One will still use information gathered from the mind, emotions, intellect, but they are data only that will be deciphered by the spirit man connected to God, as required.

Don’t get me wrong we don’t become a weirdo, humming about. We just must learn to be still and hear from God. Remember the spirit man is still a baby in comparison to the physical body. One has been dependent on soul, mind, emotions, intellect for so long, therefore the transition is not going to be easy. One will make mistakes, make wrong assumptions, or make non- spirit led decisions.

But there is a catch ‘HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT’ so we are good. The holy spirit is working in us every time, Christ is interceding on the right of God, The Holy Spirit is also interceding for us. So, God has us covered, we good. ?

Disclaimer: This my Journey, my understanding of connecting to God. You don’t have to agree, you don’t even have to believe, but thank you for reading. If it resonates with you, happy days for us both.

Each blog will focus on different facets of my journey. Till another post bye…. virtual hugs and kisses.


1st published on 20/10/18 in journeyingfindingme.wordpress.com