This journey started with me trying to figure out life. Trying to understand what my purpose in life is. I discovered that the map and compass I require can only be found in God. If I truly and sincerely find God, I will find my purpose, my identity.

To do so, I need to soak myself in prayer and search the bible for answers. But lately I’ve been distracted with trying to find ways of meeting material needs, my way and not total dependence upon God.

 I must constantly remind myself, God is my source and in finding him, I find everything. The whole blog concept was to log and share my journey while it is fresh in my mind. This I intend to do.

During the Christmas and New year holidays, routines have been fuzzy and day to day activities done haphazardly, there comes a point where normalcy must return. So, let’s begin the year together and commit to renewing our mindsets.

Mindset- our perceived realities, it determines our outcomes in life. Our mindset is our belief systems, they have been formed by our experiences and exposures in life. Our parents, society, culture, religion, relationships, education have all played a major part in shaping our mindsets, our belief systems which have created our current life.

If one does not like one’s current life, then the current mindset, thinking, belief systems needs to be altered or completely changed.

But, how? one might ask. By truly knowing oneself and beginning to change the current mindset.

As you begin to know your trueself, you become more aware of your existing thought process, believes, mindset. Then we can proceed to making changes. One major influencer or contributor to our existing mindset I.e. believe systems is our emotions.

 We tend to allow our emotions guide us. This creates a false reality. Our emotions are sensors to alert us of underlining issues or patterns to be aware of. They somethings confirm our present mindset and or realities.

Our emotions are not meant to direct or control our decision but rather, highlight- make us aware of certain areas of life that we might or not necessarily have focused on.

Positive emotions tend to signal a reason to be thankful i.e. love, joy, happiness.

Happiness / joy- they inform us of the need to be grateful for whatever triggered the emotions.

Love- gratitude.

Negative emotions most times tend to be an indication of an underlying issue. I.e. Anger- signals frustration or Inability to control present circumstances or perceived disrespect, or sense of injustice.

Since emotions fluctuate and are sometimes hard to control, it is therefore not to be relied upon. To master controlling our emotions, we need to live from the Spiritual and direct our activities, decisions from the spiritual. As we wait for the manifestation in the physical. 

At the end of the day, we are all Spiritual beings with a soul living in a physical body.

How do we do this?

  • Learning to be still i.e. practicing quietness. (Sitting quietly for few minutes and not talking, no phones, no tv, try not to think about anything). 
  • Praying – (especially speaking in tongues)
  • Reading the bible.
  • My suggestion is doing this daily. Start with say 10min and gradually build up the time. 

Believe me, these few steps can be so hard to do, because we have always lived our lives from the physical (a mindset controlled consciously or unconsciously by emotions). Our emotions have directed our actions instead of them being just signals or indicators.

Before starting the process above, please ask God for help, tell him you want to live from the Spiritual to the physical. To do this, you/we need his help to bring the emotions under control. Tell him that your plan is to practice quietness, few minutes a day. Also, to spend more time with him in prayer and reading his words. So that you/we can be more receptive to the Holy Spirit. He will surely help.

Over time you will begin to increase in knowledge of him about yourself. Remember finding the true you is a journey to finding and living a fulfilled life.

Thank you for reading and being a part of the journey into finding me. Please do comment and share the post. I would love to know your thoughts.

Till the next blog stay blessed.

Featured image by Tyler Lastovich- thank you