Discovering myself 

So far, I have discovered that:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

I am a product of love, the breath of God

God has a purpose, a plan for my life

And I am on a quest to find it.

How? I mutter to myself

How do I find this purpose, this master plan, I muse about it all day long?

Finally, it came to me

To find me I need to find God.

But how do I find God.

I ask hmmm

By praying

By reading his words

Finding time in this noisy and busy world, to meditate on his word

Meditate I say, but how?

Repeating his words to myself over and over again in the quiet

Repeating his promises, I say

Till the words form vivid imaginations

Vivid imprints in my subconscious

And I birth the vision

That leads to the purpose, the plan.

So, I say this little prayer

El DE’OT- God of knowledge

I ask that you give me insight and wisdom I need for this season of my life

There is so much I need to know, but I am unable to figure it out all by myself

Almighty God by your spirit, please take away the veil obscuring my sight

Please open my eyes to see clearly what I need to do

Oh God of wisdom,  give me a revelation about my life, about this season of my life, the truth I need to know about your calling for my life

If I have missed my way, oh merciful God, please redirect my steps in Jesus name

Thank you Lord, for your love, your grace, your mercies

Thank you for being you