It is the hardest thing to do when facing trials or difficulty. At that point in time you are anxious, scared. Probably even doubt if you’ve heard God clearly and it’s not just your thoughts or projections from your environment.

It’s very easy to write and talk about trusting God after you’ve passed through a storm. As they say hindsight is beautiful. Talking about faith and trusting God during the experience is another thing.

So, I’m going to try and journal the experience while its still fresh and still going through the storm.

When the storm is over, I will review the journey to see if there is difference in my views.

These are the times when you read the promises in the bible and you find a reason to say it’s does not apply to you or you don’t qualify for them.

But be rest assured he’s got your back. It’s in these difficult times you need to hold on to God, to his promises and give him praise.

You journal your emotions, do not deny or lie about, acknowledge them. Then!! you take them all, – the anxiety, the fear, the worry, pain, tears, in prayer to God

Then do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Decide not to think about it, find something to occupy your thoughts. Just wait. It’s state of self-induced calm.

Long scary wait- quiet ?

Before you know it, you begin to see the lord do what he does best, his speciality. Miracles!!! Loving us and providing for our need. He will come through.

Let go and let God!!

So now I’m waiting, the long scary wait??? I’m letting go and letting God be God.


1st published on 08/11/18 in journeyingfindingme.wordpress.com